Mr. Mahender and Wife Radhika has over 20 years of in the hospitality industry, had experienced the bitter sweet of the business journey. Successfully set-up a distinguished position and developed healthy relationship with customers that are based on trust. Today, we have grown to be one of the leading Manufacturers & suppliers of chafing fuel gel and Exclusive Hotel Guest Room Amenities across the globe. To achieve this sincerity, respect, teamwork and professionalism are parallel to each other and are priorities. We focused all energy around a common set of goals and objectives to be the best among the best. We have passion to expand and are driven to provide and share with our associates and friends the sweetest part of our journey.

Being a customer-focused company, your satisfaction is our greatest achievement. To all our valued associates and friends, we deliver only the best quality products and our main activities in producing them include exploration and R&D of fuel so that our fuels remain competitive. We instill flexibility and quick to respond attitude as for the market changes and therefore there are challenges along the way that need to be address promptly.

We aim to be internationally recognized and accepted as a major chafing fuel gel & Hotel Guest Room Amenities supplier. We provide them the facility of customization solution, in which the products are manufactured according to the preferences as well as desires of clients. We are seeking to establish a strong business chain throughout the latitude and longitude of the globe. In addition, desiring to have a strong and sound foundation in every path we take to mark our presence, we strive to excel by adopting a pro-active view in business. Success is accomplished by believing that success is possible.